Upload your E-poster


  1. You E-Poster should be presented in one single slide.
  2. Take the template as an example to follow. You can download it on this link.
  3. The Size of your E-poster should be as the following : Width 36 cm x Height 64 cm
  4. Save your E-poster in PDF format.
  5. The name of your E-poster should be as the following : EPosterXXX.pdf. « XXX » will correspond to the number given to your eposters. This number is precised on the Eposteracceptance email. You canal so find the list of accepted E-posters on the website of the congress. (example Eposter001.pdf or Eposter078.pdf or Eposter101.pdf)
  6. Please, be sure that the size of your E-poster does not excceed 1 Mo. If you have images on your presentation and that you need to reduce the size, many image editing softwares can help you to reduce the size of your images.
  7. You have to uploadyour E-poster on the website panarabneurosurgery2018.org. Only online submission is accepted.
  8. An notification email of acceptance of your uploaded E-poster will be sent once it is checked by the scientific committee.
  9. You have to confirm your registration in order that your E-poster could be displayed and a certificate edited. Please contact Mss Nadia kasbi nadiasigmaco@gmail.com from the organizing agency about your registration.
  10. Be Sure that it is the good version. No changes are allowed after submission of your E- Poster as it will be in the running for Best PANS E-Poster competition.